-= Hilarously Easy Debian Install For Those Who Take the Easy Way Out =-

Grab knoppix from here.

Burn it with Nero, or whatever you want.

Make sure to go into BIOS, and set CD-Rom as your first boot device.

When you get to the splash screen, press enter.

Eventually, you'll have your GUI/Window enviorment up.

Open up a Terminal/Console (might be spelled 'Konsole')

Type in the following: sudo knx-hdinstall (or knoppix-installer)

Click Ok or Next, and you should be asked to partition. I use cfdisk, but you can use the GUI partition tool if you want. The same applies.

Remove all your current partitions.

In the "Free Space" or "Unallocated Space" part, highlight and press new.

Enter in 256mb, and press enter. Now highlight "Type" and select 83 (for swap) and press enter.

Now select Free Space or Unallocated Space again, and this time have the default value in mb be your selection.

Make sure "Linux" is next to the partition you just made, and "Linux Swap" is the 1000mb partition. If not, go to type, and fix that.

Now "write" select the Linux partition as Bootable (make sure FAT/NTFS partition is not) and quit.

Next it will copy files.

It should ask you for things such as root password (administrative password), your name, and various other info you can do yourself.

If all has gone well, you can restart (take out the CD when it tells you to)