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Building a Computer

Installing Debian

Setting up a LAMP server

Automated backup of linux to windows

Ndiswrapper setup

JRE/Limewire setup

VCasel/Win98 (Hacking at school)


IP Tables Script (server)

Google cache of BASH/BAT scripts

Debian/Ubuntu NFS Guide

RedHat 9: Upgrading and Securing


Graal Server (gserver) 1.39

Debian/Postfix/Virtual-Domains (offsite)

Mailman (Mailing List)

Linux->Linux Automated Backup

Routing Multiple IPs/Several Interfaces

(Unfinished) Turning linux into a giant clock

(Unfinished) Digitizing a Radio Station

(Unfinished) Ticket and Card Swipe System (PHP/MYSQL)